Binge watching has been a part of entertainment culture for years now, thanks Netflix, but according to Jon Favreau, creator of Disney+’s new Star Wars live action series The Mandalorian, you won’t be able to binge watch all of the series on day 1.

Dave Filoni and I, who are partnering on this, we’ve been working so hard to try to honor the traditions of Star Wars and try to present something we would be delighted to see, as fans. Because we started a while ago, it’s gonna be available, day one, on Disney+, on November [12th]. I think they’re going one episode at a time, but it will be there, premiering on the platform, so if you have it, you’ll get to see it.

If Favreau is right and Disney+ does take the episodic release route, fans would have a 10 week season to look forward to. It also means that series spoilers won’t start showing up shortly after release like they do now for some new Netflix series.

Either way, I know I am super excited to watch as much of The Mandalorian as I am allowed to watch on November 12th!

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