Melissa Thomas has a knack for creating stunning looking Star Wars art that is done in what I can best describe as the Disney-style of illustration. I know, I’m such a pro when it comes to describing art pieces in a technical sense, but it isn’t hard to figure out that Thomas’ work is extraordinary.

Anyway, she will be at Star Wars Celebration, and she will be giving out the the print you see below if you can find her on the show floor. Now don’t go stalking her like a creep or anything, but you should follow her IG account to see where she’s at each day to see if you can score yourself the awesome Prequel era print below.

Speaking of the print itself, it reflects what I think a Disney animated Star Wars movie would look like. It has hints of Tangled’s visual style to it, but definitely has an overall Disney animation feel, which is probably why it kicks so much ass. I just love the vibrant color palette, and of course, the subject matter is kickass.

If you score one at Celebration, make sure to thank us for pointing you in Melissa’s direction 😉

Featured Image Credit: Melissa Thomas

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