Pre-orders are now live for the next Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty box from Funko, which is distributed by Amazon. The theme for the April 2019 box will be Wookie, so there’s a great chance there will be an exclusive Chewie Funko Pop included.

Based on the graphic, it may even be based on his Solo appearance, because the image does feature the slightly younger version of our favorite Wookie. It also appears that this box will include a T-shirt, which haven’t been in the past two, so hopefully it’s furry.

You can pre-order the box, or sign up for a subscription through Amazon today.

About the Wookie Box

If in doubt, let the Wookiee win. Everyone knows legendary wookiee warrior Chewbacca and that wookiees are adorable and make excellent companions to rogue spaceship captains but did you know they also make excellent themed subscription boxes? Celebrate Star Wars, wookiees and Chewbacca with a subscription box that will have you saying “RAWRGWAWGGR” with joy. 

  • Box contents change with every theme and may not include a t-shirt
  • 3 to 6 collectibles in every box, including an exclusive vinyl Pop!
  • Different Star Wars characters featured in every bi-monthly box
  • Thoughtfully curated boxes by fans for fans
  • Limited to 3 boxes per customer.

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