Making Star Wars has a doozy of a leak for the third season of The Mandalorian, so only proceed down below if you’re cool with SPOILERS.

Nurse Droid on Beskar

If you’ve read the recap of another one of MSW’s Mando leaks, then you know there is calling to be a call to arms from Din to gather up Mandalorians from all around the galaxy for a brawl of some sort, and now it sounds like Grogu will also take part in the battle, but with a serious armor upgrade.

According to MSW’s sources, Grogu will be fighting in a mech suit as a Mandalorian foundling, and the mech just so happens to be IG-11! MSW doesn’t know how this droid returns, or if the droid is indeed IG-11 and not another IG droid, but apparently that is what his sources called Grogu’s version of an Imperial Remnant Buster.

Grogu will literally ride within IG’s chest, and the droid will be fully outfitted with beskar armor. Apparently Grogu will have control over it in a similar fashion to how Tony Stark interacted with Jarvis in his suits of armor. Therefore, while Grogu is in control and supposedly will kick some major Stormtrooper ass, IG can offer him AI-like assistance in his actions.

You may be wondering how this could happen considering IG-11 mostly melted himself and then blew himself up towards the end of The Mandalorian Season 1, but we are talking about a droid and Star Wars after all. It’s hard for anything to die in Star Wars, especially a droid.

One could argue that Kuill backed up IG-11’s memories before his death and then someone loaded them into a new IG-model chassis. As MSW speculates, maybe enough parts were left over that some Jawas snagged them and sold them off to someone who rebuilt him, but I’m going with the whole memory download option, which makes the most sense as of right now.

This is a wild direction for The Mandalorian, but if done right I think it will look amazing and will surely provide some oh-shit moments in Season 3. Just imagine a little Grogu riding inside a beskar wearing IG-11 and kicking ass and taking names in honor of Mandalore and being a foundling.

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