This week’s episode of The Mandalorian ended with a bit of a mystery, in particular, it teased a possible new foe for the Mando. In the video below I detail five possible theories on who this character could be.


Hey now, you die hard Mando lovers, Matt Heywood here with yet another video thanks to the most recent episode of The Mandalorian. 

If you’ve seen Episode 5, then you know it ends with a shot of a mystery character approaching the body of Fennec Shand. 

While the scene is really dark, you can definitely hear the clank of boots, and you can see a long cape. When the character bends over you may be able to make out a blaster, and the boots a bit better, but thanks to the lighting and camera angle, that’s all we get. 

With that being said, there’s still plenty of speculation to be had in terms of who this character may be. 

I have 5 theories in total, with a few of them probably being extreme reaches and too much fan service, but you never know with this nostalgia laden show. 

I’ll start with the most unlikely, which is Boba Fett himself. Many fan sites and and fans themselves are running with this theory, but I still think it’s a stretch. 

I just don’t think this show needs Boba, and his inclusion could take away from the lore being told about our somewhat hero-like Mando. Plus, we’d deserve some legit backstory on how he got out of the pit, and I’m just not sure this show, and it’s short episodes, is equipped to handle that in a satisfying way.

Also, the shots of the boots really makes the case against Boba, because unless he’s whipping all new armor, they seem far off from his usual kicks. 

Up next is someone from the books and that is Cobb Vanth, who is a human sheriff of sorts that protects a free town on Tatooine. He also has some Mando armor which he scored off of Jawas, not that that’s important, but it would help fit him into this story. I still think it’s a reach though due to backstory stuff like Boba. 

My next thought is that it could be just another Bounty Hunter who had her puck, but that wouldn’t warrant a special scene like we got, so I doubt this is the answer either. 

But it could be Greef Carga though, who is my next guess. He’d definitely have the ability to track Fennec, and you could argue the cape could match up to his big ass jacket, but unless he somehow knew she was with Mando, I’m not sure what his motivation would be for hunting her down. 

Finally, and this is my choice for who this character probably is, and that is Moff Gideon. The cape and boots could work for sure, and he apparently had ties to Fennec in the past, so maybe he was checking on her, or possibly, maybe he was just following the Mando’s trail to her. He would make sense to be someone trying to hunt him down after what he pulled on Navarro. 

Feel free to chime in with your own thoughts and theories below. 

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