This week’s Star Wars by the Numbers video from Star Wars Kids on YouTube features a countdown of how many times the Force is used to move an object.

It starts with The Phantom Menace, and counts all of the Force pushes and pulls ever used all the way through The Last Jedi. The standalone films are also included, and yes, both Solo and Rogue One had Force pushes and pulls. Think Maul in Solo, and Vader in Rogue One.

I was surprised to find that The Last Jedi featured the most Force pushes and pulls out of all of the films. I guess the Force really is for moving rocks in that one. The second highest use of Force pushes and pulls comes from Attack of the Clones. The least amount of Force pushes and pulls award goes to Solo, which just had one.

Head on up above to see a rapid fire edit of the Force being used to push and/or pull stuff out of they way of Jedis and Sith.

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