The Corridor Crew has put out a really cool VFX video that offers Star Wars fans a look at the true size of some of the more iconic spaceships showcased in the space opera. The effect is achieved by placing Star Wars ships in real world locations such as New York City, or the Japanese islands.

The visuals really hammer home how big a Star Destroyer is, or how large the Death Stars were in relation to an entire Earth-based country. It’s nearly impossible to discern the full size of Star Wars ships when they’re flying in space without other larger objects to compare them to, so this VFX video is an awesome visual way to explain the sheer size of these space ships.

For example, the two Death Stars make up almost the entire size of Japan. Or how about Vader’s Super Star Destroyer being as long as Long Island? These are the types of visuals you’ll get in the video, so check it out above.

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