It’s new Darth Vader comic week, so head on down below to check out our breakdown of Darth Vader #8 2020.


Darth Vader #8 2020 dropped this week, and while it may not be the best of the Dark Lord’s run this year, it still offered a few interesting canon additions, as well as a deeper dive at how messed up Vader’s emotions truly are, and a few Easter eggs. 

Alright so up first we get a bit of an egg and some new canon, and that’s the fact that Sly Moore, one of Palpatine’s closest aides, is in charge of overseeing Ochi’s assassination attempt on Lord Vader. The comic doesn’t use her name, but it’s clear that it’s Sly based on her status and the fact that Ochi calls her an Umbaran, which is her race. 

Like I said this issue was mostly dialogue and Vader avoiding death like a boss, but we did also get to see the full form of the eye of the webbish bogg, which essentially looks like a giant sized Star Wars Sumo wrestler. 

This rotund being is also responsible for giving Vader the sith Wayfinder we saw Kylo and Rey use to find Palpatine’s base on Exegol, so we are getting some direct canon that ties original trilogy events and characters to the sequel trilogy, in particular, the rise of skywalker. 

I’m assuming Vader will also try to use it to see what Palpatine is up to, but more than likely he will be foiled by his master. 

As the issue closes out we get another egg in the form of a Jedi starfighter, which Vader will more than likely fix after he deals with Ochi again, but alas, that will take place in the next issue. 

As I said earlier any Vader comic is a good one, but this one definitely felt much less thrilling than the rest in this run. Although, it does offer some great flashbacks and quick dialogue hits to highlight how conflicted Vader is at all times, so you do get a bit more insights into what made the man tick at this point in his hell. 

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