Darth Vader #5 released this week, so I’ve broken down some of the new canon elements it adds to the Star Wars franchise, as well as a few of the Easter eggs it contains, so check it out below.

Spoilers for Darth Vader #5 2020


Darth Vader #5 2020 is now available and it continued Vader’s hunt for answers about who was responsible for turning his son Luke into a wuss, at least according to the Dark Lord’s opinion of him. 

In this issue he gets the answer he was looking for, which in turn provided a cool new canon entry for himself, Kenobi, and technically the space twins. 

On Naboo Vader finds coordinates to an iconic location featured in the Prequels, which turns out to be Polis Massa, the birthplace of the Skywalker Twins and the location Padme ultimately succumbed to the wounds and sadness Anakin inflicted upon her. 

He naturally goes there, and he allows the Amidalans to follow, but more on that in a bit. 

Upon his arrival we get a little egg in the form of the midwife droid that delivered Vader’s babies, and he also finds a recording that clues him into the fact that Padme arrived here wounded but with Kenobi, so obviously he gets triggered like a mo fo. Dude’s grudge against Obi-Wan is still really strong, even though he’s killed him at this point in time, but the realization that Kenobi had a hand in Padme delivering his kids and probably raising Luke, amps up his hate even more, which soon comes in handy. 

You see, he uses his Kenobi rage and the fact that the Amidalan fleet has shown up to give us our Big Man Vader action sequence of the issue. He only allowed them to follow him so he could mostly single handily take down their fleet of ships and ground forces in one fell swoop like a boss, and he did. 

If you’re down for some Easter eggs you’ll notice many familiar ships like the N-1 and ARC-170 in their now busted ass fleet. 

After his leisurely beat down exercise Vader finds the midwife droid and gets it working again to find another egg, which is Padme’s final words to Kenobi about Anakin still being good. 

Unfortunately for ZED, he hints that Padme and Kenobi must have been close, which results in Vader murdering the bot out of newly increased rage for his former Master. 

With his mission complete he heads back to Palpy, but old prune face ain’t feeling Vader’s emotional state, so it looks like he’s in for some pain next month. 

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