The latest issue of Darth Vader 2020 has released, and it definitely adds some new wrinkles to Star Wars canon that fans will appreciate, especially those who love the Prequels.

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Welcome to the day late and a dollar short recap of the key additions to Star Wars Canon found in Darth Vader 2020 #2. Sorry, but someone had to spend time at Galaxy’s Edge last week before the virus shut it all down. 

Anyway, in Vader #2 we get a solid new wrinkle in Star Wars canon, and it involves an unlikely pairing between Darth Vader and one of Padme’s more well known handmaidens. 

I’m talking about Sabe, who Vader ran into at the end of issue 1 after her appearance made him wonder if he was seeing the ghost of his wife. 

While the two don’t really see eye to eye in issue 2, Vader’s twisting of reality ultimately convinces Sabe to join his mission in hunting down those who raised his son Luke, and made him weak in the eyes of his mechanical father. 

Vader more or less implies that whoever took Padme away towards the end of the Clone War, was ultimately responsible for her death, so he uses his point of view of the ordeal to convince Sabe that the people he’s hunting down, are directly responsible for the death of Padme. 

Her thirst for vengeance is enough to cloud her mind, so she does agree to help Vader hunt down those who may have had a hand in Padme’s death, giving Vader access to information he needs to find out who sheltered Luke as a baby. 

I found the unlikely pairing of Vader and Sabe to be quite interesting, and their connection is an intriguing one that will surely lead to even more interesting canon based lore being added to the Star Wars universe. 

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