Disney+ will be getting a ton of Star Wars content in the coming years, but there was also some news on the Theatrical front!

The biggest announcement of the day was that Patty Jenkins of Wonder Woman fame will be directing the newest Star Wars project, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron! Rogue Squadron will be a “boundary-pushing, high-speed thrill ride” set in a Future Era of the Star Wars Galaxy! This film will be released during the Christmas 2023 theatrical release window.

It was also confirmed and officially announced that Taika Waititi will be writing and directing an upcoming Star Wars film that is also set in a new Future Era of Star Wars. There were no details about the story or release for this film, but it is currently being written by Taika.

When could this Future Era of Star Wars that both of these films be set? Matt and I will speculating on this on the next episode of the Star Wars Time Show!

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