Top 5 Time, everybody! Tons of amazing art was shared this week by Matt, and I can only pick 5. Let’s see which ones made the cut!


And our selections for the Fan Shot Breakdowns for this week!

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Hunters and the Hunted Follow me at @limafourphotos ! 🎬 Series: Art of the Frame X-T100 / XF 18-55mm f2.8-4.0 📻 "Let's drop these clankers." 📻 🔥This post is part of the series, "Art of the Frame". The name of the series itself is inspired by Cinefix‘s "Art of the Scene" series on YouTube, but the central theme of this series of photos is inspired by the posts of Comp Cam. There is a reason why certain movie scenes become iconic, and careful composition is a major part of it. In such cases, the objects in the frame are artfully arranged by a director, roughly along invisible geometric lines and shapes within the frame. Such balance and symmetry make the frame within that scene visually pleasing, and jump out at the viewer, often without them realizing it. In this photo series, I will attempt to deliver carefully composed shots along these roughly drawn invisible lines, and if you swipe ➡️, you'll be treated to the "art of the frame" alongside the usual behind-the-scenes look. Stay tuned for more!🔥 Featured also in this series is the diorama masterpiece by @_kinestatic_ ! #toyphotography #acba #starwars #toypicnominators #starwarstheblackseries #clonetroopers #theclonewars #battledroids #capture4cubes #toptoyphotos #lima4photos #xpphxgrid #articulatedcomicbookart #toyartistry #actionfigurephotography #fujifilmph #tbsff #toygroup_alliance #starwarstoys #epictoyart #tap_bobaismycloneboy #toytribe #starwarstoypix #starwarstimeshow #one12features #hfigs #fanz_bringthelightening #tga_lightingtheway #tpc2_allihydr #exclumagazine

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