Hello friends and foes, villains and heroes. We are back again to present to you the Top 5 Instagram Shares of the week! This week I will be adding a little spice to the end of the post, so make sure to stick around for a little extra.

As always, if you want to get your artwork featured on our IG feed, you can tag us using the @starwarstimeshow tag and you can drop the #starwarstimeshow hashtag on your images. Ok, let’s get in to it!

credit @mazarek88
credit @figurehertz
credit @darth_tenebrous
credit @snapshot_5o1
credit @anotherworldx75

That wraps up the Top 5 for this week, but that’s not it! As I promised, I am adding in a bit of spice, a little extra for you guys so here it is!

That’s right, a HeywoodPop shot! Matt likes to kick himself around a bit, but the guy has a fantastic eye and is a talented photographer. Give him a follow!

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