Guess who’s back… back again. Nick is back, tell your friends. That’s right Star Wars Time readers, it is time for the Top 5 Instagram Shares of the week! This is one of my favorite times of the week. I get to freely peruse our awesome IG page, @starwarstimeshow, and pick out some of the best art Matt shared during the week.

Like always, the art and artists were top notch, so it wasn’t easy deciding on a top 5. But, I did it, and here they are!

credit @onesix_shooter
credit @southp24
credit @sirdork730
credit @lego_star_wars_tong
credit @trooper_nerd

I am starting to fall in love with the LEGO Star Wars art we have been featuring recently. It really brings a different dynamic to the universe and to our IG page as well.

As always, follow these wonderful artists. Give them words of encouragement in the comments sections of their photos, and most of all love Star Wars!

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