Hey everyone, welcome back to our Top 5 Instagram shares for this week. This time around I made a concerted effort to pick different artists than last week, and I also picked out a fantastic traditional art piece that exists outside of the toy photography sphere.

Without further adieu, here are the Top 5 for this week!

credit @yingkeet0675
credit @tkberget
credit @willcandytoyphotography
credit @venamis
credit @a.sith.load.of.lego

Again, all of these artists created incredible representations of different parts of the Star Wars universe, but as I will do every week, I am going to declare a personal favorite. This week, I gotta give it to a.sith.load.of.lego for a super fun representation of Vader invading the Hoth Rebel base in LEGO form. Fantastic atmospheric effects and picture perfect framing. Very well done all around.

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