It’s that time again. Time for the Top 5 Instagram Pics of the Week!

This week I decided to spice it up a bit and add in a few different types of toys into the top 5. Recently we have been heavily focused on the Black Series, Hot Toys, and Figure Arts lines, but this week we have some special treats in there for the lovers of other lines.

Anyway, let’s get in to it!

credit @hawkinstoys
credit @tonn_ju
credit @forcedadphotography
credit @toyhosa
credit @lego_star_wars_tong

We definitely have some beauties in there this week! Make sure to give all of these amazing artists a follow on Instagram, and make sure you are also following us, @starwarstimeshow! If you are an artist and want to get featured on our IG, or the Top 5, make sure to tag us and use the #starwarstimeshow!

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