Here we are again, my friends, focusing on the best part of the Star Wars universe, the fans! Fans and creators like the ones we feature on our Instagram really bring a fandom to life. They create masterpieces that speak to us beyond just what we see on the screen or on a page.

So, let’s see what you guys cooked up this week!

credit @starwars_rick
credit @joshdeleff
credit @onesix_shooter
credit @budfutu
credit @abraham.98_

This week was very tough for Star Wars fans as we learned of Peter Mayhew’s passing. His portrayal of Chewbacca changed the way alien and non-verbal characters could be portrayed in film, and his love for the fandom has been well known for many years. He will be sorely misssed by all Star Wars fans around the world. Rest in Peace, Peter, and may the force be with you, always.

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