Here we are again for the only top 5 countdown that features the best of the best from the Star Wars IG art community.

The top 5 this week will not include all of the amazing recreations we have seen from The Mandalorian trailer, so stick around for the next iteration to see all of those shots.

Let’s go.

credit @the_ramvar
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Epic shot from @remember_the_clone_troopers 🙌🏻 #starwarstimeshow OG caption-> ・・・ It wasn't long after Echo and I joined the 501st that my mindset would change about not only myself…. but for this war. We were escorting civilians away from their homes as the battle drew even closer. Separatist Hyena Bombers came out of no where as troopers screamed "INCOMING!" The villagers dove onto the ground as bombs came screaming in and exploded everywhere. Screaming came from all directions as the civilians grew more scared and disoriented. I have never felt impending doom except for this one instance. There is a certain sound an incoming round makes when it will hit the area you are in. As my ears heard the sound of death coming for me, my body felt a certain way that there was nothing that I could do. Looking infront of me, a woman gripped her child as they cried loudly into the air. She proteted her child from harm. If this should be my last act… let it be in the name of protecting the innocent. Hearing the sound get even closer I ran towards them. Tossing my weapon to the ground I threw my body onto theirs! Let my body be their shield. Gritting my teeth as the incoming round hit! It was a force that I had never felt in my entire life. My bones felt the heat and the crushing wave from the blast. My armor felt as if being torn from my body. I WAS NOT LETTING THEM GO! When it was all done and said all that could be heard was my breath leaving my body as Echo ran towards me. I slowly let the mother and child go to make sure they were okay. In certain death I was reborn. I wasn't just some number that the Kaminoans gave us… I was an individual. This war wasn't about just protecting the people. It was more than that! It was about protecting the future generations and having them learn from our mistakes. My body could feel the crashing wave of pain take over somehow still managing to stay kneeling. I will never forget what happened next. Feeling as if my armor was still on fire the woman looked at me, her skin blackened from the dirt covering her face. Tears ran down her checks as her baby was rattled but okay her hand touched my

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credit @remember_the_clone_troopers
credit @non_1072
credit @dreworiginals
credit @papa_palpatine_photography

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