Welcome back to the Star Wars Time Top 5 IG Artists of the Week! Both of your hosts are back in the saddles this week, so you lucky artists will actually have someone talking about your shots that can say more than “ooo that’s pretty. so cool. how did do this? magic”

With Matt’s triumphant return, we will also have the HeywoodPop shot breakdown segment of the show!

Let’s get to it.

credit @frangleart
credit @papa_palpatine_photography
credit @wretched.hive
credit @southp24
credit @roblesscott

And now for the @HeywoodPop shot!

That’s all folks. Congrats to the Top 5 recipients for this week. Hopefully this helps everyone get through the plague that will end us all for a little while longer.

Thank you to everyone who follows us and interacts with us via IG, we love all of you equally. What we ask of you is to follow all of these wonderful people that you see listed above! They are all fantastic artists, so give them the love they deserve.

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