It’s time to spice up your quarantined life a little bit with the Star Wars Time Top 5 IG Artists of the Week! We are all stuck inside for the forseeable future, so I assume everyone is on perusing the happenings and listening in to all of our podcast episodes on your favorite devices!

This week is a honorable mention done by Matt Heywood himself, so strap in for 6 awesome artist features!

credit @030079ar
credit @rustbeltcollector
credit @kenob1to
credit @cvialet_art
credit @cpt_0rdo

And here is our honorable mention from Matt!

credit @chezpics66

There they are for you, all lined up in a row. Make sure you stop what you are doing and follow all of these artists on Instagram right now. They deserve it and they also deserve your love and admiration in the comments!

If you want a chance at being featured in this Top 5, make sure you are following @starwarstimeshow on IG and use #starwarstimeshow on your posts!

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