Welcome back to the day late Top 5 IG Artists of the Week! Yes, I fucked up and didn’t release the winners on Monday, but we are here now so let do it! Also, this week’s special feature to the Top 5 will be a shot breakdown by the one and only HeywoodPop!

credit @jayoz303
credit @paramoremcr88
credit @adam.figureframe
credit @riyahd_cassiem
credit @fett_ventures

And now it is time for the HeywoodPop shot breakdown by the man himself, Matt Heywood.

Alright all you ravenous artists, that is all we have for this week! We will be back next week, definitely on Monday, for another edition of the top 5!

Also, make sure to stop by The Exclu Collective for everything you need in the toy collecting sphere!

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