Welcome back to the only list that you need week over week, no it’s not a laundry list or a grocery list, it is the Top 5 IG Artists of the Week! Matt and I have decided to spice up the Top 5 in some ways, and this week, we are going to throw in an honorable mention. As I mention week over week, there are a ton of great shots that we share and it is getting harder and harder to pick the Top 5, so instead of just expanding the list right off the bat, we are going to play around with this honorable mention stuff.

So with that said, let’s dive into the Top 5!

credit @papa_palpatine_photography
credit @starwarsblackseries2019
credit @dadfett
credit @intergalactic_raptor
credit @tinyepicphotos

And this week’s honorable mention goes to:

credit @creators.inc.project

That’s it, that’s all we got this week! Some amazing work from new Top 5ers and returning members of the crew. Make sure to give all of these people a follow and show them love on their IG posts!

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