Are you looking for amazing Star Wars artwork? It doesn’t matter what your answer is because you are getting amazing Star Wars artwork! That is what we do every week. Matt sets ’em up, and I knock ’em down to the tippy top 5 of the week.

Let’s see what we have this week.

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@eyeofuatu creating art with toys 👌🏻 #starwarstimeshow OG caption > ・・・ “You may think I am evil. I am not. I am efficient.” . . This image is inspired by/a recreation of the amazing illustration by @flore_maquin using the DX16 Darth Maul by @hottoyscollectibles. Swipe above to see Flore’s piece (and once more of you wish to see the editing timelapse) . I was originally intending to do a completely different image using a previously shot image of Darth Maul I had been sitting on for a while. The idea was more of a poster design utilizing symbols from Maul’s home world of Dathomir. In my internet journey looking for those symbols, I came across Flore’s gorgeously done image and was instantly transfixed by the beautifully rendered Maul. I knew then that I HAD to try to do something similar with my figure. . . Though my shot is so heavily inspired by Maquin’s piece that I’d call it a ‘recreation’ there are a few subtle differences by design. One is the lighting. Because I was shooting a figure with plastic skin, and not the light absorbing skin of a human, the top down lighting Flore uses to illuminate mauls left side had to be adjusted so it didn’t become a giant reflected glare. I did light that side in a similar fashion, just more like 20% of the intensity of the original piece. Another change was that you might notice Maquin’s version has more of a space/star feel to the overlay texture, where as I decided to go with more of a fire/ember look. This was just a personal decision when I got to this point in the edit that I wanted to try the fire look first, and I loved it so I stuck with it. . An important element that I felt was necessary to keep the same however, was the kinetic fee to the render Maquin used on Maul’s saber- almost more of an ‘unstable kyber cystal’ ala Kylo Ren. That decision to add the wider brush strokes instead of the solid line was important to the overall feeling to the image, so you’ll notice I kept that, just a little more reserved (as it makes more sense to be loose on a painting than it does on a photo). . I want to thank Flore for inspiring this shot as I ended up loving the end result! . #darthmaul #starwars #hot

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credit @eyeofuatu
credit @firescorpio_photo
credit @papa_palpatine_photography
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There are very few weeks where I go through the feed and am in complete awe of almost every shot on there from the last week, but this week did it to me. Absolutely stunning work from everyone featured in the top 5 and those who weren’t. I could have easily had a top 10 from this week alone!

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