Hello Star Wars fans across the universe! Time to look back on the last week in Instagram art with 20/20 vision. See what I did there? It is the first Top 5 IG Artists of the Week of 2020!

I am happy to see that people are still following and giving the proper amount of love to all of the amazing artists that are being shared on our page, so let’s get right into those top picks.

credit @blksrs
credit @markwalkerphoto
credit @mattjessup
credit @shootingthegalaxy
credit @frangleart

Another week, another record breaking number of likes on the amazing Baby Yoda piece by FrangleArt!

Thank you all for showing the support you have for not only the Star Wars Time Show, but for all of the amazing artists that we feature week over week.

Make sure to give us a follow @starwarstimeshow and use #starwarstimeshow on your Star Wars art pieces, and follow all of the artists that were featured here today, and every day on our feed. There is no better IG than one that is filled with awesome Star Wars content!

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