Star Wars Resistance wrapped its first season last week, and the finale put a nice bow on the show’s initial run. Now that the first season has been put to bed, we wanted to recap 10 of the best moments from the season.

These moments range from the pilot all the way to the finale, and they represent both memorable moments from the show, as well as solid lore contributions to the Star Wars franchise as a whole. In particular, the lore it adds to the new Star Wars trilogy is especially noteworthy, so those are the type of moments we also included.

You can check out the top moments below.

  1. Kaz joins the Resistance
  2. Kaz, aka, the best pilot in the galaxy, races for the first time
  3. Kaz and Poe discover Dedlanite mining operation by the First Order
  4. Kaz discovers the First Order fleet map which in turn leads Leia to send Poe on his Jakku mission
  5. Kaz and Poe discover Starkiller Base testing grounds
  6. Kaz becomes a true Star Wars hero in “Descent”
  7. Kaz watches the destruction of his home world Hosnian Prime
  8. Tam’s big choice
  9. Kaz wastes Major Vonreg
  10. Cliffhanger ending thanks to Neeku’s coordinates mishap

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