It’s been a fun week for new Ahsoka insights here at SWTS HQ, and we are not done yet. Similar to yesterday’s exclusive about Ahsoka herself, this latest bit of information builds upon an earlier report from Making Star Wars. While it’s a brief addendum to his report on Thrawn’s forces in Ahsoka, it’s still pretty cool and should offer up some rad visuals.


In January of this year, MSW reported that Thrawn would essentially have a force of Stormtroopers who wore reforged armor from the Nightsisters. His report mentions that the standard white troopers would have reforged armor with gold inlays to seal the cracks, and explained it would look similar to Kylo Ren’s helmet from The Rise of Skywalker.

He speculated that the troopers in the armor may also be undead.

Zombie Death Troopers

Well, after talking to our sources, we can add a bit more to MSW’s earlier report, because we’ve been told that Thrawn will also have Zombie Death Troopers. One can assume that they’ll be in their black armor with gold inlays, but my sources could not tell me if this was the case. They just explained that Thrawn would have zombie Death Troopers, and that they came from the Nightsisters.

I’m speculating that during the Purgill jump in Rebels, Thrawn’s forces somehow got devastated by the jump to an unknown galaxy and were all but crushed and wiped out from the forces of hyperspace travel in a ship that had its haul breeched by the space whales. Maybe Ezra and Thrawn were sparred because they were wrapped in the whales tentacles, but the rest of the crew got wasted.

While being marooned, Thrawn being himself aligns with whatever powerful beings were in the galaxy he ended up in, which happened to be some version of the Nightsisters. They struck some sort of deal and with some force hocus pocus, his forces were raised and reforged.

This is all a guess, so the only take home is zombie Death Troopers. Man Thrawn is going to be loaded, so it’s not looking good for a tiny band of heroes.

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