Toy Story 4 is packed full of Easter Eggs, which range from surprises from past Toy Story films, as well as other Disney properties. Although, one that I spotted obviously stands out in particular, because it features a nod to Star Wars: A New Hope.

This Toy Story 4 Star Wars Easter Egg can be found late in the film after Bo and Woody return to the antique shop. When she takes him into a pinball machine make sure to put your eyes and brain on Star Wars Easter egg alert, because if you look down around the floor level of this pinball toy disco, you will see Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ponda Baba re-enacting their Mos Eisley Cantina fight in Kenner action figure form. It’s so Toy Story it’s perfect, and they fully take their fight up through Ponda losing his arm.

There’s no focus on this moment, so it’s a truly masterful Easter egg, and we hope you catch it.

Check out the video below for my recreation, and also check out my Toy Story 4 review over on Entertainment Buddha.

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