It didn’t take long for a LEGO remake of the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer to hit YouTube, and there may be others out there, but in terms of our radar, The Action Brick is first!

I know it’s a solid LEGO remake, because it still got my all misty eyed during the opening sequence when Rey and Kylo do their thing in the desert. God damn is that one of the most beautifully shot Star Wars moments of all-time and the movie isn’t even out yet, let alone any context being known for what the hell those two are up to.

Like I said though, it’s a solid remake with some great camera work and LEGO trickery, so you should check it out above.

About the Video

Several years after the events of The Last Jedi, Rey finally gets some decent Jedi training (I think). Kylo Ren is kicking butt and our heroes are taking a hike to the ruins of the Death Star. Will the Senate return? We will have to find out this Christmas. Enjoy this LEGO recreation of the teaser trailer! This brickfilm is made with a combination of stop motion animation and the magic of green screens and editing.


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