I’ve taken the 20 stills we took from the D23 special look at Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and threw some words and thoughts over them to round out our coverage of the new content. If you missed the trailer somehow make sure to check that out now before diving into my breakdown of it, which comes with new plot speculations based on the scenes that were shown.

Here’s what I’ve pieced together from the 20 or so shots that I cover in the video:

For some reason R2 isn’t with the main group of good guys on Pasana, which is odd considering that they’re all there. What is he up to? Who is he with? Is he with Luke’s ghost, or is he on some sort of secret mission? It just seems odd that he’d be missing from the hero group shot that literally features all of the new mains, plus Chewie and 3PO.

The fleet that is shown off is 100% an Imperial fleet, and not the First Order. This is evident in the design of the ships, which reflect the Imperial Star Destroyers, and not the First Order variants. These shots could very well be confirming the rumor that Palp has built up a fleet in the Unknown Regions per his Operation Cinder edicts, and it is as massive and frightening as we have heard in rumors about it. I also think that the shot of a planet getting toasted with the beam is from these ships, which are rumored to have Death Star style lasers on each one. I think the planet getting hosed is Kijimi due to the snow look.

The Rey training montage features a callback to Luke’s training remote, and she throws her saber like Starkiller, which is rad.

Ok, so now for the elephant in the room, which is Dark Side Rey. I definitely do not think that we are seeing the Rey we know. It’s either a vision, or possibly a clone, but more than likely a vision, because I don’t think Lucasfilm and Disney would just drop a clone bombshell, or Rey goes bad turn in a special look trailer. That’d be like showing Vader’s daddy line in a trailer for ESB, so I think they’re smarter than that. This whole shot and Palp’s voice over are more than likely a misdirect and the by product of clever editing. I’m guessing Palp’s line about someone’s journey nearing its end is directed at Kylo, and not Rey, but who know.

DSR definitely adds more intrigue to the events in The Rise of Skywalker, so I can’t wait to riff on it more on the next episode of SWT, so get your ass subbed up and prepare for some stupid hot takes!

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