The Rise of Kylo Ren comic series continues to bring awesome context into the downfall of Ben Solo and his journey to become the the eventual supreme leader of the First Order.

Book 3 features the first friendly meeting between Ben Solo and the Knights of Ren and is told mostly through flashback scenes. Ren, the leader of the Knights at this point, greets Ben and says that Ben needs a ‘good’ kill to his name before he can run with the group, but what Ren doesn’t know is that Ben already has a kill to his name.

This launches us into the flashback sequence that details Ben’s fight with his former classmates from Luke’s Jedi Academy, Hennix, Tai, and Voe. The 3 Jedi in training tracked Ben back to Elphrona, the place where Ben and Luke first encountered the Knights of Ren years earlier. The battle ensues, but the conflict and uncertainty in Ben eats at him as much as his Uncle’s betrayal does. He is in a battle with his classmates, his friends, and eventually, the battle ends with 1 former friend dead, Ben gone, and 2 remaining to track him down.

This book covers and extremely pivotal part of Ben Solo’s life, his first kill and slow turn to the dark side via his affiliation with the Knights of Ren. While we still see shades of doubt and hesitation from Ben, the path before him clearly leads to his eventual turn.

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The Rise of Kylo Ren Book 3

Overall Art - 9.5
Story - 10
Entertainment Value - 10



The seeds of Ben's fall have been sowed with the blood of former friends in this installment of the series.


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