The art book for The Rise of Skywalker got delayed until sometime this spring, but that hasn’t stopped some fans from scanning a few pages and leaking them online.

Today, a few leaks have dropped, and they reveal some rad looking concept art, as well as a cut character and scene from the film’s early act. If you read the leaks, then you probably were aware of a being called the Oracle, and that being was supposed to be the one that told Kylo about the Wayfinders. Well, that idea was scrapped, along with whatever was left on the cutting room floor, so we never got to see what this alien would have looked like.

Now we can thanks to this leak, and it does match up with the descriptions that made it out into the wild last fall.

In addition to the Oracle, we also get to see some alt-concepts for Ben Solo with shorter hair, as well as a few takes on Dark Rey. There’s one shot in particular of them on a throne that just looks badass.

Feel free to check the others out below!

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