Kathleen Kennedy sat down with GameRadar to talk Star Wars, and she discussed how the newly announced movie starring Daisy Ridley’s Rey, and James Mangold’s Dawn of the Jedi era film will be linked.

She was asked how the Rey movie will break new ground considering that she won’t be the first character to try and rebuild the Jedi Order.

“I think what’s always great about Star Wars is it’s a big galaxy, and we’re coming off what was a major war with the First Order. And now, Rey has made a promise to Luke and that’s really the core of where we’re going and what this story will be. And I think it offers just tremendous opportunity to introduce new characters and start with something fresh, because we culminated with what George [Lucas] was creating, and now we take all of that and move it to the next chapter.” 


While the Rey movie will see her trying to rebuild the Jedi Order, or at least a new version of it, James Mangold’s film will show how the order even came to be in the first place. Apparently this has been an era and tale that George was even interested in according to Kennedy.

“That’s come up a lot, from the moment I stepped in and George brought me into the company, there’s been a lot of interest in that.”


Due to Mangold’s film being about the genesis of the Force and the first order of Jedi that wielded it, Kennedy hinted that the two movies are naturally linked.

 “It was something that Jim [Mangold] immediately sparked to, and I think it’s a really nice compliment to what we’re doing with moving into the future with Rey, and then understanding a bit more of where this all came from. Because it will be at the heart of creating the new Jedi Order, so to get a real sense of where that might have began with the dawn of the Jedi could be pretty cool.” 


The idea of these two films being linked makes sense, and could definitely be cool. They just have to get made, and fans know that is no small tasks these days over at Lucasfilm.

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