The first trailer for The Mandalorian finally released out of the D23 expo, and while it was short, it is definitely sweet. Of course I couldn’t resist the opportunity to watch it a bunch of times and cook up some sort of a trailer breakdown, complete with plot speculations based on the scenes shown, so that’s what this post is all about.

I take the 35 stills we put out late last night and break them down with my Star Wars speculation hat on. Considering not much is known about the show and its characters, hell, only two of them have actual names at this point (Cara Dune and Greef Carga), I did my best on analyzing what may be going down in each shot. I definitely think the trailer features at least three locations, the Mandalorian’s buddies, his potential frenemy, and two Imperial big bads who will surely mix things up for the Mando.

Based on the trailer, here’s my rough plot summary for The Mandalorian, which I essentially explain throughout the trailer breakdown below.

Plot Synopsis

The series will open by setting up the Mandalorian as a badass among Bounty Hunters, but due to the lack of bounties at the Bounty Hunter guild, he and his contemporaries have to start taking on contracts from remnants of the Empire. I believe the Mandalorian is both hated and respected in the Bounty Hunting community, so he will not only have to deal with gangsters, Imperials, and former Rebels, but he will also be dealing with other Bounty Hunters chasing him down for his bounties.

Although, I think after he shows us how big of a pimp he is with a standard bounty, the lack of those will lead him to Warner Herzog’s character, who will give him the Macguffin bounty if you will. This will be for a person, potentially a young girl, who upon discovery, will cause the Mando to have second thoughts about cashing in on her, so he will decide to protect her instead. This will cause him to have more Bounty Hunters chasing him, as well as the likes of Giancarlo’s Imperial Enforcer, who either works with, or for Warner Herzog’s Boss-level character.

From there all sorts of shenanigans will ensue. The Mando will team up with IG-11, and probably Cara Dune, who may also have an interest in the person he was hired to bring to Herzog’s character. They’ll not like each other, but they’ll eventually respect each other, possibly even after a betrayal or two, but I have a feeling that these two will be the main leads for the series.

And that’s that! Please check out the video above and sub, like and share!

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