Thanks to a few recent Topps digital card leaks, we have a new major bad guy character to contend with in The Mandalorian.

The card below is in a set called “Iconic The Mandalorian Characters”, so one has to think that the character is more than just a standard Remnant Trooper wearing a Tank Commander helmet. My guess is that this is none other than Moff Gideon sporting a Beskar style Tank Commander helmet.

I say this due to the chest straps you can barely see, and for the fact that the helmet doesn’t look like it’s made out of the usual Trooper plastic material. I also think it’s Gideon thanks to some information Giancarlo leaked over the summer in which he said that Gideon basically has a new toy to get around in, so a tank would check that box nicely.

Another card with a character sporting this helmet with cobbled together Imperial armor also leaked out, and I believe it to be the full version of the character shown above. I really do think this is Gideon, and if it isn’t, then I’m saying these troopers are his personal guard.

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