In news that should surprise no one, The Mandalorian crew is already gearing up pre-production on the show’s third season, at least according to Variety.

Their sources have told them that Jon Favreau has been “writing season 3 for a while,” and that Lucasfilm big wig and creative director, Doug Chiang, has been working on concepts “for the past few weeks.”

I mean, I guess, no shit Sherlock, but I guess these days any Star Wars news is news worth kicking around, so there’s that. I don’t think it should surprise anyone that this show is already moving the gears for its third season before the second has even aired, because it’s fucking spectacular, so yes, more seasons will get made, and unless the world ends, I foresee the show going even longer than three seasons.

In other Mando news, MSW’s Jason Ward has an update on his Jaime Lee Curtis casting rumor. Apparently, she definitely was on set and went as far as costume fittings and seeing a fleshed out design of her character, so much so that Jason’s source told him they could whip up an action figure based on her, but her role may have fell through due to movie shooting conflicts.

He’s still not sure if this means that she’ll be teased in S2 for a bigger role in S3, or if her role has been scrapped altogether, or given to another actor, but he is holding firm on the fact that she was involved at some point, but something fell through, effectively clouding his vision.

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