Just like that, The Mandalorian Season 3 has come to a close, so to commemorate the affair, we naturally broke down the eggs and references featured in Chapter 24, “The Return”.

In addition to those episode highlights, there’s also some theorizing on Gideon’s clones and what that may mean down the line.

Head on down below to check out the breakdown!


Hey now fans of come down episodes after a banger, it’s time to put Mando S3 to bed with our final egg-lite and references breakdown, but first, SPOILERS and such!

To kick things off we get a reference to a Season 1 moment when Grogu busts out IG12’s bacta spray like 11 did for Din back on Navarro. Smart kid. 

Might be a stretch here, but R5 hacking the base to help his pals definitely had R2 on the Death Star vibes helping Luke and Co. He’s just a little less brazen than his old astromech pal. 

Alright so the stun batons and shields the Imperials were using definitely had Jedi Fallen Order Vibes, at least the batons, but also they could serve as Gen 1 riot batons and shields like the ones we saw the First Order using in TFA. As a bonus, Din’s fight with them and using the ray shields to time his attacks again felt very Jedi v Maul from TPM. 

So it was finally confirmed that Gideon was cloning himself and wanted to infuse the force, but my theory with this scene is that it was meant to hint at the possibility that the Gideon we’ve see this season is actually a clone himself. Hence his lack of mustache and slightly fresher looking appearance these past two episodes. Which means he’s not actually dead, and will more than likely return down the road. 

Speaking of Clone Gideon, he whipped an electro staff like the purge troopers used to wield. 

And finally, the real IG-11 returns nurse droid style as the new marshal of Navarro. 

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