The Mandalorian featured its longest episode to-date with “The Convert”, which also packed in some cool Star Wars references and eggs. Make sure to check out the breakdown below, which also touches on a reference that dates back to the High Republic era of the galaxy.


Hey Now, Fandos how about a little Ranger of the New Republic, I mean The Mandalorian Easter Egg and References break down, but first, can I get a SPOILER warning, we good, let’s freaking go. 

Up first, we get the TIE Interceptor, not to be confused with Thrawn’s tie defender project that many fans are posting about on Reddit. 

Next up is indeed THE Opera house on Coruscant, the one where we all learned about Darth Palgeuis the wise and unnatural sith abilities from sheev. 

We then get a Malastare mention, the home of Sebulba the Dug from TPM, and a Mind flayer mention with actual payoff at the end of the episode. These things were first discussed by Cara Dune in Mando. 

How about a happy Benduday and Taungsday, am I right? While both are actual days of the week, they also share their names to Coruscant Monks and a local alien species, and Rebels fans will also get the reference to the actual Bendu. 

Rogue one data disk given to Prince Leia anyone?

So there’s a lot to unpack with the Monument Plaza scene, which is a reference itself as it appeared in the special edition of ROTJ first, but it was also featured in a Mando focused episode of The Clone Wars, nice. But then you have Umate itself, which was first identified as Umate in The High Republic. 

Anyone else get BLade runner vibes every time Pershing visited his wellness check bot? Felt very 2049 When K would have to check in after a mission. 

While it wasn’t specifically mentioned, but Pershing’s boss talked about the decommissioning of the Alliance fleet, which would have been part of Mon Mothma’s Demilitarization Act, and the eventual reason why the First Order was able to amass its forces and blow them out of the sky, literally. 

Hey, a Star Destroyer!

Finally, the irony of Pershing claiming it was a trap to a Mon Cal was not lost on anyone, touché Jon. 

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