This season of The Mandalorian is not messing around when it comes to getting right to the meat of its overarching plot, which resulted in some cool Easter eggs, Star Wars references, and even a bit of Mandalorian mythology being present in S3E2, “The Mines of Mandalore”.

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Hey Now Fandos let’s try to keep this short and sweet but it’s time to recap all the eggs, references, and some mandalorian mythologies found in S3E2. Spoilers for those in the back. 

Up first Peli gives us a Boonta eve drop as she’s fleecing a rodian with her holiday event scam.

Next, Peli drops a Lurmen reference, which are a monkey-like species featured in a Clone Wars arc. 

We then get our first look at live action Concordia while also learning that is where Din was raised, and as a bonus some live action Mandalore. 

Not too mention, live freaking action Sundari, another location brought to life that was featured in The Clone Wars originally. 

Ok, so this evil thing gets a nod just for looking like the offspring of a dianoga, general grievous, and a human eye, so it deserves a mention. 

Hey look, Bo’s Gauntlet Kom’Rk class fighter, and this season we see it in action instead of just being docked. 

Bo tells Grogu about a Jedi and Mandalorian team up, most definitely referencing her and Ahsoka combining forces to vanquish Maul from Mandalore. 

Bo then delivers some Mandalorian mythology about Mandalore the Great and mythosaurs, which she still considers to be children’s tales. 

But, as we all found out, she was wrong, and there sure as hell are mythosaurs in the mines, so maybe all those tales aren’t so childish after all. 

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