Potential SPOILERS if you are weary of any Mando S2 speculations!

A new TV spot for The Mandalorian Season 2 has dropped, and while it mostly retreads familiar footage, it did weave in a few new scenes that are worth discussing. Most notably is a new scene from the ice cave we saw previously, and in it you can see Mando fighting something, but more importantly he’s seen with an egg canister on his back. This is important because this canister has leaked via a Funko Pop, which implies that the Child is fascinated by these devices for one reason or another.

This same type of canister has also been featured in the first trailer; on the back of a some sort of alien on a water filled planet. It could be nothing at all, but the marketing tie-in with Funko leads me to believe that it is a bit more relevant than it may look.

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Disney released a new TV spot for The Mandalorian last night, and while it was done in a crappy Social Media aspect ratio style, it did offer a few new scenes.

In particular, it added more fuel to the fan speculation on a curious egg canister that has popped up in the first trailer and in a subsequent Funko Pop leak, as well as in this new TV spot. 

Before we get to that egg canister mystery though let’s check out two new scenes that came before it, including a landscape shot of Mando on what has to be Tatooine, hopefully en route to deal with Boba Fett. And we also got a new shot of the dude doing his best Grand Master Yoda sitting on a chair impression, which he nails in my opinion. 

Ok, now for the most relevant new bit of material featured in this spot, which are a few quick shots of Mando in the ice cave, which we think is probably on Illum. If you look closely you can see that he has one of the egg canisters on his back that I mentioned previously. It looks like he has it slung over his back while holding the child and firing at something pissing him off. 

So what is the significance of this device? It clearly came from one of these dudes, who could be on Mon Cala, but what is its purpose? Is it purely a source of food for the little guy, or does it have a much more important use?

Maybe Din is on a mission for the people of the Water planet and he has to collect the eggs in exchange for something he needs. That could be too similar to S1E2’s plot, but it’s a possibility. 

Either way the egg tank and the child are more than likely related in some form or fashion thanks to the Funko leak, which hints that the little guy at least likes to fawn over the canister of eggs. 

Anyway, the trailer closes out with a few new shots of the whistling birds scene from the first trailer, and we get to see that Din kicks the child out of the way before he kicks some more ass. 

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