If you weren’t convicted already that The Mandalorian’s second season is the best Star Wars content we’ve ever seen, then just wait until you get through Season 2 Episode 8, aka, The Rescue, which managed to blow away fan expectations yet again.

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Holy hey now my friends what did we just witness in the Season 2 finale of The Mandalorian? I’ll tell you what we just witnessed, a Star Wars religious experience that probably rivaled the feelings you first felt when you realized that this franchise was more than just special to your life. And no, you’re not a wuss for weeping, this episode was Star Wars zen perfected. 

Phew, I think I’ve reached a new level of Star Wars enlightenment with The Mandalorian: The Rescue, aka, S2 E8, aka the one where they actually did the thing I never thought they’d do and now our fans will ensure I eat my words. 

Alright, let’s get into the breakdown starting with some Easter eggs, Star Wars references, cameos, and of course ending with this episodes best moments, and boy were they some doozies or what. 


Up first we get some Imperial shuttle action as the gang hunts down a Lambda class shuttle to get some details from the good doctor. Apparently Boba is a helluva pilot too because dude continues to impress behind the stick of the Slave 


While in the shuttle, one of the two Imps drops a Death Star 1 reference and even brings up a popular fan point about the millions of deaths that occurred upon its destruction. The actors by the way were Luke Baines and Thomas Sullivan. 


When the Bounty Bros land on the planet to get Bo and Koska we can see Bo Katan’s Gauntlet starfighter in the ship yard. 


Speaking of Bo Katan, she takes a dig at the double B’s by saying that not all Mandalorian’s are bounty hunters, to which Boba replies he is not, so there’s that confirmation again for those keeping score. 


While Boba and Koska are talking smack to each other she drops a line about a bacta tank, sick ass burn by the way Koska!


Bo also makes sure to remind Boba that he’s a clone and that she’s heard his voice many times before, which was a great callback to the Clone Wars and all of his genetically modified brothers. 


Hey look, a Death Star droid not on a death star!


Gideon provides some great references to dark saber lore when he reminds everyone that it must be won in combat for the bearer to be the true ruler of mandalore, but if you watched Rebels this seems to setup a plot hole because Bo accepted the saber from Sabine Wren without fighting her, so who knows where this is going. I’ll have more to say in the best moment segment. 


Ok, so I was completely wrong about my take on this show using a Main from the Skywalker Saga, and so were most of the rest of you, but I’ll take my lumps unlike you haters who won’t admit your own errors, as I did hold firm that Luke would not be the Jedi to show up, in fact, I essentially called it ludicrous, but in this instance I’m glad I was freaking dead wrong, because seeing Red 5 show up and then Luke in his peak Jedi form complete with his green blade about reduced me to a puddle of Star Wars fan goo. It knocked me on my ass emotionally, so I thank Jon, Dave, Peyton, and whoever else was involved in the call to bring Luke in, because it was ballsy AF, but brilliant none the less. 


And to add one extra emotionally charged punch they roll R2’s ass out, so after seeing him and Luke together I nearly feinted due to the sheer level of fandom I was feeling at the moment and I will forever cherish that experience. 


Oh you thought that was it, nah, because we got a stinger featuring Bib Fortuna played by Star Wars Alum Matthew Wood, and the scene had many mirrored moments to Jabba’s palace in ROTJ, such as Fennec’s arrival, which mirrors Leia as Boush showing up, and of course one of the singers from the Special Edition, and I believe it’s the one Boba flirted with. 


And then to top all that off we see Fett take over the palace and that the Book of Boba Fett is due out in 2021. Apparently I predicted the possibility of Fett running the joint on the Star Wars Time Show, and a possible run in with Bib Fortuna, so while I was dead wrong about Luke’s return, I can at least pull random shit like this out of my Star wars speculation ass from time to time. A fan pointed it out by the way, so I’m not that big of a narcissist by mentioning my greatness right now. 

Best Moments

Alright, and now for the best moments. 


I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the interaction between Boba, Din, Bo, and Koska. From the moment Bo called them out as Bounty Hunters and took a dig at Boba’s clone roots, to Boba vehemently confirming he’s no Mando, this scene embodied pure Star Wars gold. You even got a fun scuffle between Boba and Koska, so everything about this meetup was radical. 


I also quite enjoyed watching Bo Katan lay down the battle plan. It showed her prowess as a combat leader and how she can command a room. Of course the resulting intrusion onto Gideon’s cruiser was also a stand out moment that featured some great visuals and tense moments. 


The four lady hit squad was a blast to watch, in particular, I really appreciated the bridge passing in which the Mando girls did their thing after Fennec and Cara did their thing. 


You gotta love the fact that we got another “Din gets his ass kicked for a bit” scene when he tussles with a Darktrooper. He is clearly the best ever star Wars character at taking a beating and keeping on ticking, because he mostly served as a punching bag and a bullet sponge this season, but did so like a boss and in style. Beskar yall, it’s like a Timex watch if you catch my drift. 


Anytime Giancarlo is given dialogue it stands out, so I enjoyed his talk with Din and their subsequent fight. We finally got to see the Darksaber in action outside of being a can opener, and I thought their duel was pretty solid. I do think Gideon wanted to lose to setup some potential beef between Bo and Din, but I guess we will have to wait until next season to see how things play out. 


Speaking of how the whole Darksaber issue will play out, again I have to highlight Giancarlo’s performance while he’s gloating about how Bo needs to win the saber via combat. While to me it’s a big plot hole based on how Rebels played out and Bo accepting the saber from Sabine without a fight, I still loved how Esposito played the moment. He’s a damn good villain. Damn Good. 

In terms of the plot hole about the saber, there’s obviously the chance that Bo does ultimately accept it from Din, or we may learn that the reason she wasn’t able to rule mandalore the first time she had it in her possession was because she didn’t earn it in combat, therefore some Mando clans didn’t accept her as ruler. Who knows, plot holes or not the scene was great at providing further connective tissue between live action star Wars and its animated wing, so I appreciated it. 


Ok, of course Luke’s return is the best moment of the series so far, and you have to love that they gave us a taste of a badass Luke. We finally got to see what he could do as he was peaking with his skills in the Force. There were flashes of his father’s saber skills as he mowed down Dark Trooper after Dark Trooper, yet he moved with the calmness and patience of Yoda and Obi wan. 

I never thought they’d tap Luke for this show because he wasn’t needed, but now that he has arrived I’m thankful for the balls The Mandalorian team has. Everything about his return made me feel mushy inside. It was religious. I sobbed tears of joy. I was instantly captivated and emotionally charged, life, even for a few short minutes, felt perfect. Thank you Luke. And thank you R2. I needed a spiritual revival of some sorts and you two imaginary characters came through. I’m not sure what that says about my mental health or well being, but I do know it confirms my soul’s dedication to this franchise, which has now captivated me for four decades. 


If the luke and r2 moment weren’t enough to get your tear ducts going, then the goodbye between Grogu and Din had to be your breaking point. That’s unless you’re a commie. I mean how could you not be overwhelmed by these two parting ways. Especially when you get the moment where Din removes his helmet in front of everyone again, without a thought I might add, to look upon Grogu with his own eyes, just like Anakin wanted to do with his own son at the end of ROTJ. 

It was a powerful confirmation of their bond, and Din’s growth as a character. The creed has all but slipped from his mind as he says his helmet less goodbyes. Grogu has changed him forever, which will surely lead to new takes on the character moving forward. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the little guy, but naturally the storyline between Din and Grogu has come to a close, so it’ll be exciting to see where the new Din is taken in Season 3. And hell, based on how this all went down there’s a chance we see Luke again too, so the whole choice to bring him back to take on Grogu’s training is about as money as it gets for Star Wars fans. 


And to wrap this thing up I have to also highlight the stinger. Who knew my ramblings about Bib fortuna potentially keeping watch at Jabba’s palace and charging Boba parking rent for the Slave 1 would actually play out in real life. I even think my dumb ass hinted at Boba potentially taking the palace over, so while the scene was glorious, I also have to remind all of you of my own greatness. While the moments are few and far between, some of the nonsense I spew on the Star Wars Time Show isn’t so nonsensical after all. 

In all seriousness though, I love the move and can’t wait to speculate on what the Book of Boba Fett actually will entail. Is it a true standalone series, giving us the 10th reveal that Disney promised us for D+, or will it follow what my boy Nick has been saying for a while in that new seasons of the show could focus on a different Mando character entirely. I know Boba is no mando, but he sports the armor, so the concept of having him as the new lead would work. I personally would prefer the series to be a standalone one that crosses over with Mando again, mostly because I’m a glutton for Star Wars content and more is always good. I just want Din to stay as our main lead and focus in Mando, but I won’t be disappointed if we get more of Neo Boba either if his Book is indeed meant to be the next season of The Mandalorian itself. 

Amen Star Wars fans, what an end to an already epic season of The Mandalorian. Jon and Dave in particular are true Star Wars Gods at this point, as is anyone else who has had a hand in this show. I don’t think any of us ever truly realized the potential this series had, but in its first 16 episodes it has proven itself to be some of the best, if not the best Star Wars content of all-time. The OT will always be special for starting it all, but this series stands alone when it comes to its overall excellence. What a time to be a fan. 

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