Thanks to the plot synopsis for The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 3, it looks like Din and the Child will finally be going sailing.

I know last week I thought we would be on the boat we’ve seen in the trailer, but that didn’t happen thanks to the New Republic giving Din some shit for not having his pings in order. I have been fairly close on a few predictions though, and so far have been spot on about Din’s adventure with Frog Lady, but I was off in thinking we’d be on the water planet in S2E2.

That clearly seems to be the gist of S2E3, and it also looks like Din will finally run into someone that has the information he’s looking for. You should bet on meeting Sasha Banks’ character in this episode, and I do think by the end Din will have almost all the information he needs to find the Mando he needs, or to start looking for the sorcerers he was quested to find.

If you think about it, this Season is following the same narrative cadence that Season 1 did, so like that Season’s third episode, I expect this one to shift the adventure away from his Mandalorian covert search, and focus it more on finding a Force user for the Child.

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