Alas, The Mandalorian is going into hiding for the foreseeable future thanks to the arrival of “Redemption”, the final episode of Season 1, but before we say goodbye for good, we gotta breakdown all of its Easter eggs and Star Wars references, which we do in the video below.


Hey now Mando, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to breakdown all of the Easter eggs and Star Wars references found in The Mandalorian: Redemption, aka, S1E8, the finale one. 

Up first is an awesome visual reference joke to showcase just how bad Imperial troopers are at shooting things, which happens when the two Scout Troopers can’t seem to hit some debris from a few feet away. Classic bad aim on display here.

The next egg is in the form of an E-Web cannon, which Gideon deploys to try and flush out the good guys. You probably first saw one in the Battle of Hoth. 

Up next is what I’ll call a series of references, so count them how you like, but when Gideon is dropping his subtle threats, he reveals that Cara Cynthia Dune is from Alderann, a pretty famous Star Wars planet, while also confirming Mando’s name of Dyn Jarren, which we posted weeks ago by the way. He also mentioned the siege of Mandalore and the Night of 1000 tears, which have to be references to moments we’ve seen or heard about from animated Star Wars, namely The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. 

During this same siege of the cantina,  we also hear Cara mention a mind flayer, which sounds a bit Stranger Things/D and D, but she could be referencing a being like the Bor Gullet from Rogue One. 

Being locked down in a Star Wars bar must be ripe for eggs and references, because during Mando’s full flashback we finally get to see who saved him, and while it being Mandalorians wasn’t a surprise, the eggs lays in their armor and sigil, which is that of House Vizsla, so based on the Clone Wars time period, Mando may have very well been saved by members of Death Watch. 

We got a bit of Gideon’s past revealed too, and it’s a bit eggy considering he was an Imperial Security Bureau agent for the Emperor, which is the same force that Agent Kallus belonged to in Rebels. It’s also probably why he knows so much about Din, Cara, Greef, and Mandoloarian culture in general. 

As the plot needed to get the heroes to a new location it gave us another egg in the form of the Incinerator Trooper, which if anything is an egg for a recent Black Series helmet release. 

Speaking of helmets, I have to highlight the fact that Din took his off and revealed Prince Oberyn’s face!

Thanks to the Armorer we got our first mention of Jedi, which Mando’s refer to as sorcerers, and she even mentioned the Jedi/Mando war, which essentially canonizes the likes of Revan, Malak, and other Old Republic tales told about the Mandalorian Wars. 

The Armorer gives us another item of note when she forges the Mudhorn sigil onto Din’s armor, providing a callback to Episode 2 and his bond with the child. 

This may be a cheap one, but you never know who is keeping score, so I’m throwing in the lava river of Nevarro, which is akin to the lava rivers on Mustafar. 

This next one may not be a full on egg for Star Wars itself, but it did remind me of the fandom, so the Mecha-R2-lite we get on the lava barge makes the list just because he reminds me of some fan art I’ve seen of R2 being all roided up like this Fan Zhang piece. 

And our final item of note is a doozy, and will surely lead to a few plot threads in Season 2, but that is the reveal that Gideon has the Darksaber, a treasured Mandalorian relic forged by the first Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Viszla.

Let me know what I missed, by leaving a comment below. And I will definitely miss you all as the show goes into hiding until season 2, but that doesn’t mean the Star Wars Time team won’t keep cranking out content, so make sure to be following us across our platforms. 

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The Mandalorian: Redemption Easter Eggs And References List 

  1. Trooper target practice (Duh)
  2. E-Webb Canon (Seen on Hoth in ESB)
  3. Cara is from Alderaan, Mando’s Name is Dyn, Siege of Mandalore, Night of 1000 tears (All sorts of references from Gideon)
  4. Mind flayer mention (Could be reference to Bor Gullet)
  5. Death Watch or at least Vizsla Clan saved Dyn as a kid (Clone Wars/Rebels)
  6. Gideon former ISB agent (Think Kallus from Rebels)
  7. Incinerator Trooper (Recent Black Series helmet release)
  8. Dyn’s helmet removed (Self reference/GOT)
  9. Jedi mentioned (Duh)
  10. Mudhorn sigil (Self reference)
  11. Lava river (Think Mustafar)
  12. Mecha-R2 Unit (Fan art nod)
  13. Darksaber (Weapon from Clone Wars/Rebels)

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