Talk about egg-heavy episodes!

“The Gunslinger” is packed with Star Wars Easter eggs and references, so hopefully I spotted most of the brand new ones, but I’m sure a few were missed, so be kind, and don’t shitpost me too bad. I even cut one or two for being a bit generic, and because I’m lazy, so head on down below to dive in to the breakdown.


Hey now Mando, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to breakdown all of the Easter eggs and Star Wars references found in The Mandalorian: The Gunslinger, aka, S1E5.

This episode was packed full of goodies thanks to a return to Tatooine, so wish me luck, I’m sure I missed a few.

Up first, we have a reference to the show itself when the hunter trying to shoot down mando uses his line about bringing bounties in hot or cold, which Mando didn’t appreciate him using. 

We could technically count three Easter eggs in this next series of events, because we learn that Mando plans to land on Tatooine, in particular at Mos Eisley, and the cherry on top is that we see him buzz the ridge Kenobi and Skywalker were on when old Ben explained that Mos Eisley is a place for shitheads. Epic series of eggs and references. 

Now this next egg would’ve been even sweeter if the docking bay Mando landed in was 94, but either way, the hangar looks just like the one Han used for the Falcon in Star Wars. 

Immediately after mando lands we get our next egg in the form of a pit droid crew in the hangar, yes, those lovable little troublemakers from TPM are still ticking. 

As Pelly the mechanic looks over Mando’s ship she mentions that there’s a lot of carbon scoring due to his dogfight, which is the same line Luke uses when cleaning R2 in Lars’ shop. 

Later on in the episode we return to Pelly’s hangar and see her playing Sabacc with the droids, which is the game that scored Han the Falcon in Solo. 

Ok, this next one could be a stretch, but I swear I heard Baby Yoda make a Krayt Dragon yell when he woke up by himself on the ship and got pissed AF, and it sounded very similar to what Kenobi did in Star Wars when he chased away some raiders. 

Alright, up next we see a Treadwell droid as Mando enters the cantina, and these guys were first scene in a deleted scene from Star Wars.

And now we come to the most famous cantina in all of the Star Wars, Chalums, which is now ironically ran by droids and has droids in the bar, so much for rules!

As expected the cantina was ripe with eggs, starting with the bartender, which looks like our buddy EV9d9 from Jabba’s palace. 

We then see another familiar face in the form of the one and only R5-D4, yes, the exact same one who blew his motivator in Star Wars. Apparently he got his shit together, but is now a drunk that hangs out at the cantina all day.

The cantina is not done giving us items of note yet, because as we meet noob bounty hunter Torro Calican he’s sitting in Han’s booth, you know, the whole Maclunky-gate scenario?

We get two more references during this cantina scene, with the first being Torro’s mention of the Dune Sea, and then the second being Mando’s mention of the Hutts when discussing how deadly Fennec shand is. 

Up next we get to see some swoop bikes that Torro procured, and they’re the same model Anakin used to find his mom and murder some sandpeople. 

We get another franchise reference as Mando is poking fun at the bikes when Torro mentions that they’re not on Corellia, the planet that makes badass vehicles. 

The next egg is about as obvious as it gets, and its the appearance of banthas and tusken raiders, who give the Mando a reason to pause. 

During this same scene we get an egg too in the form of Torro’s binocs, which are the same as the model Luke used on Hoth.

We get another Tatooine infused egg as the hunters stalk their prey when they come upon a dewback with a dead dude behind it. Poor lost dewback.

Phew, you still engaged! We have more to go!

Alright we get a fun reference to Tatooine’s twin suns when Torro wakes Mando by telling him the Suns as in plural, are down. 

This next one is an easter egg and solid reveal for the show itself, because we finally learn through Fennec shand that the Bounty Hunter guild/Mando hideout planet is called Navarro, so we finally get some insights into that world. 

After Mando and Torro capture Fennec, they hash out a plan to get her back, and Mando drops an iconic line when he tells Torro that she’ll be no good to us dead, mimicking a similar complaint Boba levied against Vader in Empire. 

Another Tatooine reference is dropped next when Fennec mentions she has to go to Mos Espa, which is the port featured in The Phantom Menace. 

Finally, we get one last Tatooine location reference when Pelly tells her droid to take Torro’s body to Beggar’s canyon, the same canyon featured during the pod race in TPM, and where Luke liked to murder womp rats. 

Man what a fun episode of eggs and references, but I’m sure I missed a few, so leave a comment below to yell at me! Keep in mind I leave out items we’ve already covered in other episodes, but that’s not to say I didn’t miss a big one, because I still hate myself for blowing the Bossk rife egg from last week’s episode. 

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The Mandalorian: The Gunslinger Easter Eggs And References List

  1. Bring your in hot or cold line – (Self reference)
  2. Heads to Mos Eisley on Tatooine and flys by Kenobi’s hate ridge (Scum and villainy moment and locations from ANH)
  3. Lands in same style of hangar as Falcon (Similar docking bay from ANH)
  4. Pit droids (Wattos shop TPM)
  5. Carbon scoring line (Reference to line used by Luke in ANH)
  6. Sabacc game (Same game Han won his ship with in Solo)
  7. Krayt Dragon sound (Reaching but similar to Kenobi’s call in ANH)
  8. Treadwell droid (Featured in ANH)
  9. Chalum’s cantina (Iconic location from ANH)
  10. Droid looks like EV9D9 (Bot from Jabba’s palace)
  11. R5-D4 in the house (Bad motivator droid from ANH)
  12. Torro sitting like Han in Han’s booth (Maclunky)
  13. Dune Sea mention (ANH, ROTJ location)
  14. Hutt cartel (ANH and all over)
  15. Swoop bikes similar to Anakin’s (Bike featured in AOTC)
  16. Corellia mention (Han’s planet and ship yard)
  17. Tusken raiders (ANH faction)
  18. Torro’s using same style of binocs as Luke (Luke’s binocs from ESB)
  19. Dewback (ANH beast)
  20. Twin suns references (Luke’s moment ANH)
  21. Navarro planet (Bounty hunter guild planet revealed TM)
  22. She’s not good to us dead line (Nod to Boba line from ESB)
  23. Mos Espa mentions (Spacesport featured in prequels)
  24. Beggar’s canyon mentions (Spoken in ANH and seen in TPM)

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