The Mandalorian is here, and while it took us a bit longer than we wanted to get it broken down into one of our Easter egg features, we finally have the goods for you. Let’s just say Disney Plus may have been a bit stressed earlier today, which made it impossible to watch on a device where I could take screenshots, but here we are, and boy are there a ton of eggs and references to behold!

You can check them out in the video below. Like a dope though I did forget to mention two of them with one being IG-11’s thermal detonator, and the other being Mando’s pistol sounding like Jango’s.

The Mandalorian: Chapter 1 Easter Eggs And References

  1. Dude speaking Huttese in bar (Anakin and TPM reference)
  2. Beskar Steel is mentioned (The Clone Wars)
  3. Garindan looking alien featured (A New Hope)
  4. Speeder sounds like Luke’s on Tatooine (A New Hope)
  5. Razor Crest sounds like busted Falcon while taking off in peril (Empire)
  6. Life Day is mentioned (Holiday Special)
  7. Rodian in carbonite (Greedo alien species first featured in A New Hope)
  8. Zuvio in bounty hunter guild (The Force Awakens)
  9. Calamari Flan currency (Nod to Ackbar’s species)
  10. Offworld Jawas (Tatooine species first featured in A New Hope)
  11. Robot eye doorman (Same as one in Return of the Jedi at Jabba’s palace)
  12. Gonk Droid (GONK)
  13. Stormtroopers (DUH)
  14. Imperial medallion necklace (Empire logo)
  15. Kowakian Space Monkeys being eaten (Salacious B Crumb from Return of the Jedi)
  16. Mythosaur symbol (Mandalorian lore made famous by Fett)
  17. Blurg mounts (First featured in The Clone Wars)
  18. Kuiil the Ugnaught (Alien species first featured in Empire)
  19. Nikto alien gang (First featured as Jabba’s henchmen in Return of the jedi)
  20. IG-11 (Homage to IG-88 from Empire)
  21. IG-11 Thermal Detonator (Made famous in Return of the Jedi) Missed in video
  22. Mando’s pistol sounds like Jango’s (AOTC) Missed in video
  23. Yoda baby (Yeah a freaking Yoda baby!)

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