Disney dropped a special look at The Mandalorian Season 2 last night during MNF, and while it was mostly more of the same footage we’ve been seeing, it did offer a few new insights.

In particular, the new spot featured the return of a Season 1 character that no one probably figured would ever make it back, but you just never know where a Mando’s quest will take them, or who they’ll need to rely on.

You can check out the full breakdown below, as well as a batch of stills from the new spot.


Hey now! We got a special look at The Mandalorian S2 last night, and while I’m not sure special is the best term to use to describe it, it did offer up a few new scenes to comb over and speculate on. 

It starts with a familiar chase scene between the crest and two X-Wings, but now we can hear the New Republic X-Wing pilots calling for the Razor Crest to stand down. 

The trailer moves into some action moments of the Crest flying through an ice canyon and crashing, which is more than likely a result of his skirmish with the X-Wings we have seen previously. It still not clear what Mando did to piss them off, but he and the Child definitely crash land on the icy planet we have seen before. 

We then get another look at a reunion between Mando, Greef, and Cara. I do not believe the dialogue that plays over this scene actually takes place during this scene, because why would Din  need to explain to these two that he has been quested to help the child when they were with him when the Armorer gave him that quest? 

Either way, he’s talking to someone about locating other Mandalorian’s so they can help guide him on his quest. This could be the Armorer he’s talking to again, or someone else who would have knowledge of where Mandalorian’s have setup other coverts, possibly the heavy Mando from S1. 

This new narrative insight definitely sets up reasons for Din to run into a Boba Fett, Bo Katan, or a Sabine Wren, all rumored characters to show up during this season. 

Ok, while Din is talking Mandos, we see new scenes of the crashed Razor Crest on the ice planet. This definitely confirms my guess from the first trailer that the two crash here, so take that you non-believers! Did the X-Wing’s cause it? More than likely, but the way these spots are edited make it nearly impossible to know for sure, so for now, X-Wing dog fight it is. 

Up next we get another look at the whistling birds scene, this gag is definitely overplayed by now, but hey, we got to see it again, ensuring it won’t have any sort of pop in the actual episode when it debuts. 

Luckily though, as the spot closes out we get a better look at what appears to be a Remnant base/platform, that may also double as a prison of sorts. 

We see an imperial troop transport on the run from the Speeder bikes we’ve seen before, but now we have found out that at least Greef, Cara, and Mythrol, the blue alien bounty from S1E1 are the ones being chased. 

This leads me to believe that for some reason, Din, Greef, and Cara have to break into this Remnant facility to free at least Mythrol, who I’m guessing has information on other Mandalorian’s, or knows about space sorcerers, because why else risk everything to apparently save him from the Remnant Empire. 

As the trailer closes we get a wonderful shot of an awe struck child. I wonder what, or who he is looking at? We also get a few more shots of what I believe to be the Remnant base operation featuring Team Good guys and of course the fall out from the heist, which will see Mando take flight, probably during the transport chase, which is why we don’t see Din in the transport with Greef and Cara. 

And there you have it. Another pretty straight forward trailer with nothing major revealed, which honestly, is kinda how I like it as a fan, even if it means nothing too juicy to talk about as a Star Wars speculator. 

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