Hey there, fellow Star Wars enthusiasts! Buckle up, because the galaxy far, far away is going through more drama than a soap opera on Coruscant. So, here’s the lowdown in a galaxy where strikes are more common than lightsabers:

Trusty rebel spy, Jeff Sneider, dropped some bombshells on his podcast, The Hot Mic. Apparently, the film industry’s gone crazier than a cantina after last call due to the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes. And you know what that means – plans, plans, plans, changing faster than a Millennium Falcon jump to lightspeed.

Now, we were all hyped about Daisy Ridley leading the charge in the untitled Star Wars movie. I mean, lightsabers, Rey, and a new Jedi Order – what’s not to love? But hold onto your Tauntauns, folks! Sneider’s got news – it might not be the next Star Wars flick hitting theaters. He said:

“I think we’ve all been operating under the impression that the Daisy Ridley movie was going to be the next Star Wars movie, I know I certainly was. They announced like three movies and it was like, ‘okay, the Daisy Ridley one is the furthest along I think.’ It has a director and all that. Anyway, it doesn’t sound like that may be the next one.” 

Jeff Sneider

And here’s where it gets spicier than the inside of a TaunTaun – Daisy Ridley herself thought she’d be the next big thing in Star Wars. But oh no, not in this wretched hive of scum and villainy! Sneider’s Disney source spilled the beans that the next Star Wars film might not be some fancy Daisy Ridley extravaganza. Nope, it could be The Mandalorian Season 4 turned into a movie!

Yeah, you heard it right – Mando on the big screen! Sneider dropped this bomb like a thermal detonator, saying:

“A couple of months ago I shot this one down, that there were rumours that season four of The Mandalorian could be turned into a movie. I think at the time I didn’t think that was necessarily the case. However, that is now what I am starting to hear. That the odds are in that projects favour, whatever season four of The Mandalorian turns out to be, whoever is in it, what it turns out, whatever shape it takes, it is looking like that could be the next Star Wars movie and that might be the thing that’s announced before the end of the year.”

Jeff Sneider

Imagine Grogu’s cute little face blown up on an IMAX screen. The force is strong with that idea.

Now, before you think Sneider’s spinning a tale wilder than podracing, remember that MakingStarWars spilled this tea five months ago. They were like Jedi prophets, foreseeing the future. Yet, no credit was given to them initially.

So, there you have it, my fellow Star Wars zealots – strikes, Daisy Ridley uncertainty, and Mando possibly hitting the big screen. Stay tuned, keep your lightsabers close, and may the Force be with you in this wild, unpredictable galaxy of Hollywood drama!

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