We got surprised with a solid new TV Spot for The Mandalorian today, so it had to get broken down, which is what we have for you below. The breakdown covers the 18 or so new stills from the trailer, as well as any new plot speculations I had based on what this spot reveals. It reveals quite a bit if you factor in the appearance of Fennec Shand, who is an assassin played by Ming-Na Wen.

Head on down below to check out the breakdown in video or scripted formats.

Hey now fans of not Boba Fett, Matt Heywood here to break down the surprise TV spot for The Mandalorian that dropped today, which actually had a bunch of new footage worth talking about, not to mention the fact that it revealed Ming-Na Wen’s character of Fennec Shand!

I’ll be sticking to the new shots and quotes only, so here we go. 

Alright so the trailer starts with a voice over from Nick Nolte’s Kuiil character, who says, “I have never met a Mandalorian,” as we get a shot of some astromechs chilling. Kuiil then finishes with, “I’ve only read the stories,” at which point we see the Mando acting like a pimp and just being a badass.

The fact that Kuiil says he’s never met a Mandalorian implies these two haven’t worked together in the past like I speculated last week, so Kuiil more than likely hires Mando for a job based on the rep of Mandalorians, and I do think he hires him to capture the Reek-like beast we’re going to see here shortly. 

From here the trailers gets action oriented and shows off a few scenes we’ve seen before. We then get a shot of the Mando on a dewback, so at some point he ditches it for the Blurgs we see him riding in the last trailer that dropped last Monday. 

We then see two Rebellion era speeder bikes speed past, and as the camera pulls in we can see that one of the riders is a straight up Biker Scout riding the same style of bike from ROTJ. There’s a good chance this dude belongs to Moff Gideon’s faction, and he’s probably chasing after the Mando.

They appear to be on the same planet that we’ve seen with black dust and sand, the same one the Mando landed on last week to deliver bounties. 

The TV spot then offers up a new shot of IG-11 getting his murder bot on, probably due to an ambush I’m guessing he and the Mando walk into. 

We then see the Mando make the one man jump to light speed in the Razor Crest before we get a shot of the Mando and Cara Dune jumping out of a hut that is getting blown up. 

I’m speculating this is the village we saw them in last week, so it probably gets attacked by Gideon’s forces due to the Mando being there, more than likely to protect the girl we’ve seen him close with. 

Had to throw in a money shot of the Mando, who is wearing his dirty brown armor looking like a boss, but then we go into a gearing up montage, and I have to say that the item he tucks into his boot sorta looks like the handle of the dark saber. It’s probably just a knife, but it does look curious. 

The TV spot then shows off a new angle on the Mando’s fight with this Reek looking beast. He even ignites his flame thrower, so this thing is going to require all of his gadgets to take down. I still think he’s doing this for Kuiil, either way this beast is probably tied to a bounty. 

The trailer ends with the first shot of Ming-Na Wen’s Fennec Shand, who we know know to be an assassin for high level crime syndicates. 

She says to someone, who is probably Mando, “Your name will be legendary,” so if it is him, maybe she’s referring to his real name, or like us, just his nickname of the Mandalorian. I’m obviously hoping its an actual name that we may have heard before, but this exchange, if she’s talking to Mando, implies that these two may come to some sort of agreement if she was sent to murder him. 

Her demeanor seems a little too buddy buddy for her actively trying to kill him though. Just a thought. 

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