The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 3 hit Star Wars fans with a ton of information that is downright amazing for some and a bit confusing for others, so I’m here to give you all the skinny on what the hell went down in Child of the Watch.

Bo Katan Kryze & the Darksaber

Bo Katan is one of the most important living Mandalorians at this point in the Star Wars timeline. She is the true heir to the throne of Mandalore, the Mandalorian home planet, and the last remaining member of the Kryze clan. Bo is in search of the Darksaber, the weapon held by Moff Gideon at the end of season 1, because it is the symbol of power for the leader of Mandalore. Without the Darksaber in hand, she cannot unite the clans of Mandalore under one banner.

The Darksaber itself is another relic of Mandalorian power. It was the lightsaber of the first ever Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizsla. Tarre forged this unique lightsaber during his time as a Jedi, and since then, it has been passed down the line to each leader of Mandalore as a show of strength and unity.

The Watch, aka Death Watch, and the Death of Satine Kryze

Bo Katan became the rightful heir to the throne of Mandalore after her sister, Satine Kryze was killed during an uprising by a rogue faction of Mandalorians called Death Watch.

Death Watch formed because a group of Mandos, led by Pre Vizsla and with Bo Katan in their ranks, felt like Satine had started to move Mandalore away from the warrior culture that made them a feared and respected part of the galaxy. As Death Watch was building momentum and preparing for their coup, former Sith Lord Maul joined their ranks in an attempt to seize the throne of Mandalore and take control of this powerful society of warriors.

The coup was successful and with the defeat of Pre Vizsla and death of Satine Kryze at Maul’s hand, he now sat on the Throne of Mandalore and held the Darksaber, the sign of the true leader of Mandalore.

We now know that Death Watch continued on as The Watch, a group of Mandalorian fanatics that imposed ‘The Creed’ on its followers and forced them underground while hiding the true nature of Mandalorians from them. Din Djarin was rescued by members of this faction which is why he believes that true Mandalorians never remove their helmets.

Can be seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 2

The Nite Owls and the Siege of Mandalore

Less than a year after Maul’s ascension to the throne, the Galactic Republic, by request of Bo Katan, invaded Mandalore to seize power back from Maul and capture him. The invasion was led by former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and the Nite Owls, a new faction of Mandalorians led by Bo Katan and the resistors to Maul’s reign.

After a bloody battle, Maul was captured and Mandalore was under control of the Republic for a short period of time. Unfortunately for Bo Katan, the Darksaber was not recovered from Maul during his capture. Bo Katan was made Regent of Mandalore in the wake of the battle, but the title was not long lived.

Shortly after Mandalore was ‘liberated’ by the Galactic Republic, Chancellor Palpatine enacted Order 66 and the Republic was reformed into the Empire. Mandalore was now under control of the empire and was placed in the care of Imperial loyalists like Gar Saxon.

Can be seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7

The Fate of the Darksaber

Before the Siege of Mandalore by the Galactic Republic, Maul hid the Darksaber under a shrine dedicated to his hate of Obi-Wan Kenobi on his home planet of Dathomir. It was not seen again until years later when Mandalorian Sabine Wren and her Jedi compatriot Ezra Bridger go to Dathomir to help Maul complete a ritual that would help Ezra ‘destroy the Sith.’

The events on Dathomir led to Sabine recovering the Darksaber and eventually giving it back to Bo Katan after the Rebels helped Bo Katan destroy an Imperial superweapon designed to kill Mandalorians.

Can be seen in Star Wars: Rebels season 3 and 4

There is no information on what happened to the Darksaber after it was given back to Bo Katan, but clearly it was either lost or stolen from her before the events of The Mandalorian season 1 when we see it in Moff Gideon’s possession.

That should be enough information to get most people up to speed on how season 2 episode 3 has affected The Mandalorian storyline and what is to come.

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