Thanks to a conversation between Kuiil and Mando, it’s pretty clear that Baby Yoda isn’t what many of us have speculated he could be. Tune into the video to find out the reveal!


Hey now Mando-buds, Matt Heywood here from the Star Wars Time Show to riff on some new information about Baby Yoda’s possible origins. 

Thanks to a conversation between Kuiil and Mando, we now know for sure that Baby Yoda isn’t a clone of said Yoda. 

While talking in his hovel, Kuiil mentions how the kid doesn’t look like he’s aged at all, which prompts Mando to suggest he thinks he is stand casted, which to me sounds like a term for cloning. 

Although, Kuiil shoots that theory down quickly because he used to work on a gene farm for the Empire, and he said Baby Yoda looks too evolved to be a clone. He even says he’s too ugly for cloning and genetic manipulation. 

To me this definitely removes the theory that Baby Yoda is a clone of Yoda or Yaddle from the table, leaving my other two theories intact. 

As a reminder those entail him being the last of the Yoda species and the remnant wants him for his powers to possibly pass on to a set of super soldiers Project Luminous style, or they want him to use as a battery of sorts for the regenerating Palpatine. 

Either way, the dude is his own dude or dudette, he’s definitely not a clone at this point. 

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