Last week, Lucasfilm and Disney officially revealed that Din and Grogu were headed to the big screen with the reveal of The Mandalorian and Grogu movie. What wasn’t explained though was if this film would be replacing the already written Season 4 of the series, or if it was its own thing meant to compliment the stories being told during the Mandoverse era.

Since then, the waters have only gotten muddier, but thanks to a few trusted leakers like MakingStarWars and Bespin Bulletin, fans do have a few possible outcomes to consider.

None of these are stone cold locks and should be considered rumors at best at this time.

A New Mandoverse Trilogy of Films

According to MSW via Bespin Bulletin, Lucasfilm could pivot to a Mandoverse movie trilogy.

My source, my original source who first told me this [Season four being a movie], has told me that this is going to be a trilogy.” 

“I’m going to add a caveat, which is just my sense on it, is that it’s a trilogy if the first one connects. If the first one [The Mandalorian and Grogu] is a big film, they’ll make two more. If the first one doesn’t and makes Indiana Jones [and the Dial of Destiny] money, then they’ll just do the two [already announced] and wash their hands of it.


So what MSW is saying is that he’s heard there could be a trilogy now: Mando and Grogu, Filoni’s announced crossover, and then an unannounced film. But he’s also guessing that if Mando and Grogu doesn’t light up the box office, then the third film won’t be a thing.

Mandalorian and Grogu Movie Acts as Finale to Season 4

This one also comes from MSW via Bespin Bulletin, and again should be treated as a rumor at best, but MSW has also heard from sources that The Mandalorian and Grogu could serve as a finale to The Mandalorian Season 4. Basically, six episodes would air on Disney Plus, and then the finale episodes, which are usually numbers seven and eight, would become the Mando and Grogu film.

One of the concepts has come out of this, count this as a rumour for now, is that the plan was to do six episodes of Mando [season four] and to take the finale, what would’ve been the finale, the big two parter, from the end of that and that’s being developed into the film [The Mandalorian and Grogu].” 


This is probably the most unique rumor, and one that I would definitely be interested in over the others if Mando Season 4 has to be altered in favor of making the Din and Grogu film.

The Mandalorian Season 4 Not a Priority

This one comes from The Hollywood Reporter, and while it doesn’t really add any new insights into the fate of The Mandalorian Season 4, it does echo some of the rumors that MSW discussed above, while also revealing that the new Mando and Grogu movie is the studio’s priority, not making the already written fourth season.

The report does hint at Mandoverse storytelling transitioning into theatrical productions versus TV, which resembles MSW’s report above about having a potential Mandoverse movie trilogy rather than continuing the adventure on Disney+.

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